Female and Male Characters for VA Pilot

Actors to portray female and male roles for a 30 minute pilot shooting July 10 through 18, 2021 in Petersburg, VA

The tentative name of the Pilot is “Mr Evans” and the tentative name of the TV series is “Gotcha”

“After the murder of their children parents take the law into their own hands to find the killer.”

This is a paid gig with housing provided but no travel.

You must be a Virginia resident to apply. (Proof required).

Age ranges are 24 to 47 and 8 to 10.

If interested, log into your actor’s account (or register for free) and
under “Other Comments or Notes on Availability” put the code: EVANSPB

Your account (and new sign-ups) can be accessed here: https://www.rvacasting.com/acting-jobs/

If you have an account with us and forgot your username and password, just “attempt” to sign up for a new account by ONLY filling out the email and zip code portion with the info that you used to sign up. You will then be offered an email link to log into your account.

Actors needed for Zoom table read

Need various actors for a fun table in at the end of March. This is for a TV pilot for a series entitled, “Gotcha” to be filmed in the Mid-Atlantic Area in July of 2021 (pending Covid-19 restrictions).

  • Gender: All Genders
  • Min Age: 24
  • Max Age: 72
  • Ethnicities: Any
  • Types of roles: Lead, Supporting, Multiple One-liner charaters, and Narrator.

Being cast in the table read does not guaranteed being cast in the filmed pilot. Talent able to work as locals to the Mid-Atlantic area are preferred. The pilot will be a paid gig. The table read is not paid, it is just for fun and feedback.

If interested, submit through Backstage or email us directly: poptableread@_____ with the subject of POP Table Read.