Feature Film Needs Crew in June, Low Pay

The Feature Film, “Sure Thing” will begin filming June 5th near Richmond, VA. Filming will be most weekends and sometimes one or two short (6 hour) weekday nights. Twenty-five days total.

This will be a professional and super creative set. You will be feed well but pay is not great since this is a low budget feature. There is always a possibility of a bonus after distribution, but everyone says that so you should be doing this for the love of movie making and not money.

If interested, email: surethingcrew@rvacasting.com

In the SUBJECT put your department and your name as it appears in the RVAcasting database. In the body of the message put your available dates. You can send up to three emails, each with a different department in the subject.

Make sure to update all your information. If you can’t remember how to log into your account, fill out the form with your email address and zip code and submit by Clicking Here. You will get a link to log into your account if you have one with that email address.

Music Video Need Clubbing Types, $100/$175 flat rate

Casting background for a music video this Wednesday 5/6/15.

Need 18 to 29 year old flashy, party, clubbing types.

You will be cast from your picture. IF you are cast you will either get $100 if put in the background or $175 if you’re selected as a featured dancer. Selections will all happen on set so we can’t guarantee which role you’ll get.

If you are interested in being considered, email your name as listed on our database: clubscene@rvacasting.com

We will then send your file to the director for consideration.